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Motor-building for spindle motors, electric motors and more from Jäger

About Us

Alfred Jäger GmbH

We have stood for innovation and tradition in machine tool manufacture worldwide for over 50 years. Our colleagues now number more than 150.

But not everyone knows that the company's founder, Alfred Jäger, started out by building electric motors. And that's exactly how "Jäger" began too. Back in the 1960s, using home-made measuring and testing equipment, he was building very compact and powerful three-phase asynchronous motors. Specially constructed laminations and the use of highly conductive materials enabled power densities to be achieved that even then impressed the industry.

High-Performance Technology

Jäger Motoren

Compact design and high performance are still what set our motors apart.

Development, production and assembly are all completely carried out in-house. The performance of the motors is then determined and documented on our own in-house test stand. We always demonstrate "S1" operation in the performance chart in the data sheet. This means that the indicated motor performance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alongside this, we also determine the "S6-60%" and "S2-Pmax 5 sec." performances.

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